ThL T6 Pro Review: 5.0 inch Screen Android 4.4 Kitkat MTK6592M Octa-core Smart Wake as Similar as ThL T6S

ThL is a famous chinese mobile phone manufacturers, after released ThL Monkey King series phone, it had won more and more users’ attentions. In August, ThL had launched a cheap Android 4.4 OS new phone—ThL T6S, owing to its’ cheap price and stylish design, it won many users’ favor. Later, ThL also brought the upgrade version of this phone—ThL T6 Pro, which had equipped with MT6592M Octa-core processor. Today, we will make a full review of ThL T6 Pro phone:

ThL T6 Pro Review—Unboxing

Thl T6 Pro_028


1 x ThL T6 Pro Phone

1 x 1900mAh Battery

1 x USB Cable

1 x Charger

1 x 3.5mm Earphone

1 x User Manual

ThL T6 Pro Review—Design

Thl T6 Pro_016

This time, our sponsor Vifocal is providing a ThL T6 Pro black version to us, just looking from the appearance design, we could find that ThL T6 Pro is same to ThL T6S, and it still owns a 5.0 inch screen, above the screen, there still has the front camera and the caller speaker. Certainly, below the screen, we could see three touch buttons—Home/Menu/Back, however it’s pity that it has no back light.

Thl T6 Pro_018 Thl T6 Pro_011

Thl T6 Pro_017 Thl T6 Pro_023

Looking at the sides of the phone, we could notice that ThL T6 Pro phone adopts the metal bezel design, at the left side of the phone, there is a Volume key, at the right side a power button, both of them have a nice pressure point. In addition, at the top side of the phone, there has a Headphone Jack and the USB Port.

Thl T6 Pro_019 Thl T6 Pro_020

Thl T6 Pro_022 Thl T6 Pro_024

The rear of ThL T6 Pro phone contains the rear camera、the flashlight、a ThL Logo and imprint “Techology Happy Life”. After pulling off the back cover, we could find a large black battery, above the battery, there are three card slots—two SIM card slots/one TF card slot; meanwhile, below the battery, we do notice a media speaker. The overall build quality is solid and stylish.

Thl T6 Pro_021 Thl T6 Pro_025

ThL T6 Pro Review—Screen

Like ThL T6S phone, ThL T6 Pro still adopts a 5.0 inch IPS screen, and compared with ThL T6S, the resolution of ThL T6 Pro had upgraded into 1280*720 HD pixels, not 540P, so the display quality is quite clear, meanwhile, the touch panel also works well, you could enjoy watching video and playing game.

Thl T6 Pro_013 Thl T6 Pro_015

Thl T6 Pro_014 Thl T6 Pro_012

ThL T6 Pro Review—Performance

In addition, compared with ThL T6S, the performance of T6 Pro is also better, for it has equipped with 1.3GHz MTK6592M Octa-core processor, not MTK6582 Quad-core processor, and it still providing 1G RAM/8G ROM. During our testing, we had make a Antutu Score Benchmark test for T6 Pro phone, it had reached 26353 points, which is better than Xiaomi MI2, and it also supports large apps and most mobile games.

Thl T6 Pro_06 Thl T6 Pro_03 

Thl T6 Pro_05 Thl T6 Pro_04

Thl T6 Pro_08 Thl T6 Pro_07

ThL T6 Pro Review—Highlights/Camera/Battery

  1. Android 4.4 Kitkat OS

Like ThL T6S phone , ThL T6 Pro still adopts the latest Android operation system, and it runs Android 4.4 Kitkat OS, the Android 4.4 Kitkat OS looks rather good.

Thl T6 Pro_010

  1. Smart Wake Function

It’s surprised that ThL T6 Pro phone had equipped with Smart Wake function, While your T6 Pro phone be locked, you could draw different gestures to open the related function, such as double click to light up/draw “M” to play songs and so on.

Thl T6 Pro_09

  1. GPS Function Testing

During the testing, we also experienced the GPS Function of ThL T6 Pro phone, and we could search 14 satellites in a few seconds by T6 Pro , and 7 satellites could in use. Meanwhile, the GPS function runs well.

Thl T6 Pro_01 Thl T6 Pro_02

  1. Battery

It’s pity that ThL T6 Pro only providing a 1900mAh battery, owing to its’ Low-power processor and 5.0 inch screen, ThL T6 Pro could support about 2~3 days standby time in normal condition. In addition, the battery of ThL T6 Pro could be removeable, so you could buy one or more backup batteries.

Thl T6 Pro_026 Thl T6 Pro_027

  1. Camera

As for its’ camera function, which may let many users down. ThL T6 Pro had equipped with 2.0MP Front+5.0MP Rear dual camera along with flashlight and auto focus. Certainly, we also take some photos by ThL T6 Pro phone, just as follows:

ThL T6 PRO_031 ThL T6 PRO_030

ThL T6 PRO_032 ThL T6 PRO_034


ThL T6 Pro is the latest cheap Octa-core smartphone which reelased by ThL phone, compared with its’ former product—ThL T6S, ThL T6 Pro owns the better spces, such as the Octa-core processor/720P HD Screen; More importantly, it still has cheap price. However, ThL T6 Pro still has many shortcomings, such as Low-capacity battery/no 4G LTE supports and Low-pixel camera function. Now, ThL T6 Pro is only cost $103.99 usd on Vifocal, this is the cheapest price, just go and buy it.

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Goophone S5 Lite version owns Gesture Control

Goophone S5 could be regarded as best  Samsung Galaxy S5 ,to develope  different level market.Goophone launches Goophone S5 Lite version.Compared with Goophone S5,Goophone S5 Lite version provides a cheaper price and it is also USD  $119.99.

In viwe of specs,Goophone S5 Lite also can meet our daily life need .The specs consist of MTK6572 Dual core,  4GB ROM +512MBRAM,5.1 inch screen with 854*480 resolution,13MP+5.0MP dual cameras.

The appearance seems to be similar with Samsung Galaxy S5,especially,the back cover is featured with delicated textures.Meanwhile,Goophone S5 Lite also owns Gesture Control.which is easily to control your phone by some gesture touch.

The 5.7 inch screen NO.1 N3 is atUSD $179.99

NO.1 N3 shares similar design with  Samsung Galaxy Note3,the back cover provides artificial leather . NO.1 N3 is powered by  MTK6589T quad core processor locking at 1.5GHz, Meanwhile, NO.1 N3 is featured with 5.7 inch with 1280 × 720 resolution  ,big screen ensures wonderful visual effect.

NO.1 N3 owns 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, gesture control air touch, 13MP+ 5MP dual cameras, 2800mAh battery.More importantly,NO.1 N3 is equipped with a stylus pen and it is convenientto controlled.The price is USD $179.99 and is available on n1phone.


You can buying it

Let Us Appreciate The world’s Most Thin Smart phone OPPO R5

Today, OPPO released two new mobile phone products, this two phones have their own bright features,the main feature of OPPO N3 is the rotating camera, while the OPPO R5 ’s main feature is fashion and thin, I think most people would looking forward to see what is the world’s most thin smartphone look like,now let let us have a look of oppo R5 real phone photos

The thickness of the OPPO R5 is only 4.85 mm, Due to the ultrathin body, it can’t even hold a headphone jack,so the headset must connect Copper camel USB transfer wire.As for the configuration, OPPOR5 adopted 5.5-inch SuperAMOLED screen, carried Qualcomm 1.5GHz 64bit Octa-core processor ,2GB memory, and equipped with 5 million + 13 million megapixel camera, adopted schneider lens.











The Meizu MX4 Teardown: Look Into The Inside

Recently, Meizu MX4 became into the focus of the discussion, With the price of 1799 yuan,  Meizu MX4 packing into sales of star,in fact ,the booking number of MX4  is amazing,MeiZu’s strategy can see the effect.
The appearance design of the MX4 attract numerous netizen’s attention,and we all know it clearly,May be many users havn’t have a intuitive impression for this phone’s internal structure, now meizu MX4 teardown evaluation has appeared, and it Shows the meizu MX4’s internal structure and work etc.

















ZTE V5 Max Player Evaluation: The Best $160 usd 4G LTE Smartphone

ZTE has released V5x mobile phones – V5Max on October 23rd afternoon in Beijing,this phone equipped with a 5.5 inch screen and carried Qualcomm 64bit Quad-core processor, its’  price is also reasonable, the lowest price only need 899 yuan, so what is the advantage of this phone? Let us bring you a simple users’  evalution!


In terms of configuration, ZTE V5Max adopted:
—5.5-inch 720p IPS screen
—Qualcomm 64bit Quad-core processor
—Pre-5 million, 88 ° wide angle lens + The rear 13 million F2.2 an aperture
—Built-in 2 GB RAM + 16 GB ROM ,SD card extension support
—3100 mah battery
—Dual card dual standby support , TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/GSM/WCDMA, TD-LTE Band38/39/40,FDD LTE Band7/3,TD-SCDMA Band34/39,WCDMA Band1/2/5,GSM Band2/3/8
—Dual mic noise reduction support
Small E’s Remarks:
Advantages:  Best specs, cheap price,  4G LTE network, 3100mAh removable battery; in a word, it’s an quite reasonable phone.
1.5.5-inch screen Only 720p resolution,the screen is not enough exquisite, particles are obvious.
2.Just Qualcomm 410 processor, poor performance.

On the whole,  ZTE V5S could be considered as the best $160 4G LTE smartphone, it’s worth to buy, hope ZTE company could provide more ZTE V5S phone, let the people in need could get this phone.




Promotion!Cubot One is no hot sale

When we are going to pick up mobile phone,we may allow some different factores such as price ,specs and brand.Cubot One is a better phone basing on comprehensive considerations.Cubot One is hot sale product and obtains good sales.

Cubot One is featured with MTK 6589 quad core processor aling with 1GRAM+8GROM.From AuTuTu test,Cubot One is reaching 16017.The screen is 4.7 inch with 1280*720 resolution ,dual cameras are  5.0MP front camera and 13.0MPback camera  with flashlightand auto focus.

The OS  is  Android 4.2.1 and the capacity of battery is 2200mAh.There are some pictures to show the details.


Mpie G7 Review: A Cheap 4G LTE Quad-core Android 4.4 Kitkat Smartphone with 2G RAM/Fingerprint Scanner Function

Some time ago, we had made a review of a Mpie phone, which named Mpie 909T, due to its’ special features, such as Fingerprint Scanner/Off Screen Gesture, it had won many readers’ favors. Recently, our sponsor Vifocal also offered another Mpie phone to us, which is a cheap 4G LTE smartphone, and the model is Mpie G7, certainly, except 4G LTE network supports, Mpie G7 still owns good specs. Now, let us have a review of this phone:

Mpie G7 Review—Design

Mpie G7_023


This time, our sponsor Vifocal had provided a Mpie G7 black version to us, the design style of Mpie G7 looks a bit like Oneplus One phone. In the front of the phone, there is a 5.0 inch screen, and above the screen, there has the front camera and caller speaker; meanwhile, below the screen, we do find three touch buttons—Home/Recent and Back button.

Mpie G7_011 Mpie G7_012

Mpie G7_07 Mpie G7_010

While looking the sides of the phone, we could notice that Mpie G7 has adopted the Metal bezel design, and it looks quite stylish. In addition, on the left side, there is a Volume key , and a power button on the right side. As for the top side of the phone, we do notice the USB Port and Heandphone Jack.

Mpie G7_01 Mpie G7_03

Mpie G7_04 Mpie G7_09

While turning the phone around, we could notice the rear camera and flashlight, meanwhile, below the flashlight, we also find the fingerprint scanner part, and Mpie Logo; besides, at the bottom of the shell, we still see “4G LTE” Logo, which means Mpie G7 could support 4G network. After removing the shell, we could see a green battery, below the green battery, there has two card slots—one SIM card slot/one TF card slot, so Mpie G7 only supports Single card.

Mpie G7_05 Mpie G7_08

Mpie G7 Review—Display

This time, Mpie G7 phone had provided a 5.0 inch IPS screen, however, its’ resolution is only 960*540(QHD) pixels, which may let may users down. But, the display quality looks good, and the touch panel runs well, so you could watch videos and play games flawless.

Mpie G7_021 Mpie G7_024

Mpie G7_019 Mpie G7_022

Mpie G7 Review—Performance

Mpie G7_020

Like most other 4G LTE smartphones, Mpie G7 still runs MTK6582 Quad-core processor, however, it’s surprised that Mpie G7 owns 2G RAM. Certainly, we also made the Antutu Score Benchmark test for Mpie G7, and it had reached 18654 points, meanwhile, it could runs large apps and most mobile games.

Mpie G7_014 Mpie G7_013

Mpie G7_016 Mpie G7_017

Mpie G7 Review—Highlights/Battery/Camera

  1. Fingerprint Scanner Function

Like Mpie 909T, Mpie G7 also equipped with the Fingerprint Scanner Function, it not only brings the surging feeling of “control science and techology in the palm”, but also provides the convenience and security way to your cell phone and keep individual privacy.

Mpie G7_018

  1. Android 4.4 Kitkat OS

Like most latest smartphone, Mpie G7 also adopts the latest Android operation system, Mpie G7 runs Android 4.4 Kitkat OS, and the Android 4.4 OS looks quite beautiful.

  1. GPS Function Testing

During our testing , we also experienced the GPS function of Mpie G7 phone, through the GPS Testing Plus app, we could search 15 satellites by Mpie G7 phone, and 8 satellites among them could in use, meanwhile, its’ GPS function works well.

Mpie G7_02 Mpie G7_025

  1. Battery

This time, Mpie G7 phone had offered a 2200mAh battery, this battery capacity isn’t too large, and in normal condition, Mpie G7 could suport 2~3 days standby time. In addition, Mpie G7 also could change the battery, so you could prepare one or more backup batteries.

Mpie G7_06 Mpie G7_015

  1. Camera

Certainly, many people may concern about the camera function of Mpie G7, Mpie G7 had equipped with 2.0MP+8.0MP dual camera with flashlight, as a cheap smartphone, this camera function looks well. Otherwise, we also took some photos by Mpie G7 phone, just as follows:

Mpie G7_027 Mpie G7_029

Mpie G7_026 Mpie G7_028

Mpie G7 Review—Summary

In my opinion, Mpie G7 could considered as an rather good 4G LTE Quad-core smartphone, it not only owns 2G RAM/Android 4.4 OS, but also supports Fingerprint Scanner/Display Gestures. Certainly, Mpie G7 may still has some shortcomings, such as low-resolution screen/only single card supports and the camera function is high. Now, Mpie G7 is only cost $137.99 usd on Vifocal , if you want to buy a cheap 4G LTE Smartphone, you could consider Mpie G7 phone.

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The cheapest Iphone6 clone-W6 Phone is at USD$33.99

When Iphone6 comes into market,public will worry about the price,However,people will choose the clones of Iphone,W6 Phone is the cheapest Iphone6 clone.The price is USD$33.99 and W6 Phone is available on Vifocal.

W6 Phone is featured with MTK6535 processor ,4.7inch resistive touch screen with 320*240 resolution,both 2.0 MP Dual cameras,1800mAh Battery.

The appearance is so similar with Iphone6.Owning to the fashion appearance and low price,W6 Phone is on hot sale.

5 inch THL W200C ocatcore phone for $169.99

THL W200 is one of THL flagship octa core phone to be launched this year ,till now THL W200 series has three versions,of course,  including the octa core phone -THL W200C.

ThL W200C4

In fact, THL W200C in the specification only is inferior to the 4400and 5000 these two huge battery phones , compared with the same series of THL W200S, W200C’s specifications should be a lot lower.according to 91thl, The THLW200C is equipped with the1.4GHz frequency MT6592M main octa-core processor, combined with 1G of RAM and 8GB of internal memory, and supports up to 32Gexpansion.

ThL W200C 1

The 5 inch screen size for THL W200C is regarded as mainstream, this 5 inch IPS Corning III gorilla glass display is protected by the OGS technology,has a HD-level resolution of 1280 * 720 pixels ,and there is a 5,000,000 Front +800 megapixel rear camera, running Android 4.4 kitkat system,to support 3GWCDMA and 2G GSM network.

ThL W200C6
In addition to supporting common sensor, interestingly,it also can support OTG function on the THL W200C and W200S phone,but OTG functionality is not available on the THL W200 phone.

ThL W200C2

So far ,this 5 inch THL W200C ocatcore phone came on black and while colors for only $169.99 affordable price on the .

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