iOcean launch the first entry level iOcean X1 for only $99.99

iOcean X1 1

China phone maker iOcean have been focusing on the mid and  high-end phone market,according to our sponsor Vifocal ,today a new entry level of  iOcean X1 was released with a very affordable price-$99.99,which means that iOcean will share the low-end market in the feature.

iOcean X1 is iOcean ‘s the first low-cost smartphone, $99.99 is a very attractive price ,we had learned that the phone features a variety of bright colors  ,so this stylish phone is very suitable for those fashion people

At  affordable $99.99 price ,the specifications are pretty good to us ,and the device is equipped with a 1.3 GHz MTK6582M  quad-core processor ,along with 1GB RAM and 8G ROM ,has Android 4.4.2 OS ,and a little 1600mAh battery, while the QHD display is  4.5 inch 960 x 540 panel,the dual cameras are  5.0MP front  and  8.0MP back,it is a pity there is no LTE access, but it can support dual sim  and  3G  access .

Would you like to buy this $99.99  iOcean X1 cheap quad core phone ?

iOcean X1 4  iOcean X1 2iOcean X1 5iOcean X1 3

Mpie T6S euipped with MTK6582 Finger Scanner 5.5 Inch HD Screen,atUSD$139.99

Finger Scanner is coming into market and   is known to Iphone and Samsung.However,the flagship product also owns high price. Mpie T6S  belongs to the affordable phone with Finger Scanner.Much details are listed.

Mpie T6S is running MTK6582 octa core processor along with 1GRAM+4GROM.The 5.5 inch screen provides 1280×720 resolution and the big screen is convenient to enjoy movies ,big games and pictures.The main camera is 13MP back camera with flashlight and supports full screen capturing  and panorama.


3000mAh Battery and  Android 4.4.2 OS are adopted.Mpie T6S can support dual Card Dual Standby  as well as Play Store,Notification light, Flash alert, NFC.

The representive XIAOMI M2S is hot sale

Recently,XIAOMI mi4 is sparkimg hot talk and XIAOMI is got accepted by more and more people.XIAOMI also launches a serise of representive phones such as XIAOMI  M2S.When XIAOMI  M2S was launched,in addition,it sets new level of smartphones.

XIAOMI  M2S is featured with a 4.3 inch 342 PPI screen and a 720×1280 pixel. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor running at 1.7GHz with 2GB RAM  and 32GB ROM.There are8 MP  back camera with LED flashlight and 2 MP front camera.The OS is MIUI V5 basung on  Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1.

XIAOMI  M2S owns XIAOMI family member appearance design style.The back cover is so simple and there are logo and back camera.


Doogee Kissme DG580 Review: 5.5 inch Screen Android 4.4 Kitkat Quad-core Wake Gesture as Similar as OnePlus One

Owing to excellent specs and good design, Oneplus one had won most people’s favor, and became into one of the most popular smartphones. Meanwhile, many Oneplus one clone phones also appeared on the market, such as Landvo L200G. In addition, Doogee phone also released a cheap Oneplus one clone phone—Doogee Kissme DG580, which is the leading role of this testing, and it owns wake gesture/hotknot functions. Now, let us have a look of this phone:

Doogee Kissme DG580 Review–Unboxing:

Doogee DG580_02


1 x Doogee Kissme DG580

1 x 2500mAh Battery

1 x USB Cable

1 x Earphone

1 x Charger

1 x User Manual

Doogee Kissme DG580 Review—Design

Doogee DG580_16

This time, our sponsor Vifocal has providing a black Doogee Kissme DG580 phone to us, at first glance, we could find that its’ appearance design is very similar to Oneplus one phone. In the front of the phone, there is a 5.5 inch screen; below the screen, we do notice the front camera and the caller speaker. Meanwhile, below the screen, there are three touch buttons—Home/Menu and Back keys.

Doogee DG580_15

While looking from the sides of the phone, Doogee DG580 phone adopts the metal bezel design, and it looks rather fashion. In the left/right side, we could see the power button/the Volume key. Besides, at the top side of the phone, there also has a Headphone Jack and a USB Port.

Doogee DG580_25 Doogee DG580_19

Doogee DG580_20 Doogee DG580_22

When turning the phone around, it’s surprised that Doogee DG580 had equipped with dual flashlight, meanwhile, it still owns the rear camera and the Doogee Logo. Otherwise, after removing the back cover of the phone, we do find a black battery, above the battery, there are three card slots—two SIM card slots/one TF card slot, it means that Doogee DG580 could support dual card dual standby.

Doogee DG580_21

Doogee Kissme DG580 Review—Display

Like Oneplus one phone, Doogee DG580 also adopts a 5.5 inch screen, However, the resolution of Doogee DG580 is only 940*540 pixel, not 1080P. In addition, DG580 also uses OGS full lamination techology. During our testing, the display quality is good, and the touch panel also runs well.

Doogee DG580_14  Doogee DG580_12

Doogee DG580_18 Doogee DG580_11

Doogee Kissme DG580 Review—Performance

Doogee DG580_13

It’s pity that Doogee DG580 only runs 1.3GHz MTK6582 Quad-core processor, however, considering of its’ cheap price, it’s reasonable. Meanwhile, it’s also own 1G RAM/8G ROM, certainly, Doogee DG580 could extended to 32GB, and it runs the latest Android 4.4 Kitkat OS. Besides, during the Antutu Score Benchmark testing, Doogee DG580 had reached 18743 points, it’s a good score; Doogee Kissme DG580 could supports the large apps and most mobile games.

Doogee DG580_04 Doogee DG580_07

Doogee DG580_06 Doogee DG580_08

Doogee DG580_17Doogee DG580_09

Doogee Kissme DG580—Highlights/Battery/Camera

  1. Wake Gesture Function

It’s glad that Kissme DG580 owns the Wake Gesture function, not only it equipped with a cool activation, but also convenience to one-hand operation. For example, we just only hand-painted “C” to open the camera.

Doogee DG580_10

  1. Hotknot Function

Hotknot is also an useful function, two support Hotknot techology of smartphones only need touch the screen, can complete the pictures、the video transmission, and the transmission speed is rather faster.


  1. GPS Function Testing

During our testing, we still experienced the GPS function of Doogee DG580 phone, through the GPS Testing Plus app, we could find that Doogee DG580 phone had searched 16 satellites in a few seconds, and 7 satellites could in use.

Doogee DG580_01 Doogee DG580_03

  1. Battery

This time, Doogee DG580 has offered a 2500mAh battery, in normal condition, it could support 2~3 days standby time. Certainly, you could also prepare one more backup battery, for Doogee DG580 could support battery replacement.

Doogee DG580_23 Doogee DG580_24

  1. Camera

If you like high pixel camera phone, Doogee Kissme DG580 may let you down. For Kissme DG580 only equipped with dual 5.0MP(interpolation 8.0MP) camera with dual flashlight, and supports panorama、face beauty、etc. In addition, we also took some photos by Doogee Kissme DG580, just as follows:

Doogee DG580_26 Doogee DG580_30

Doogee DG580_27 Doogee DG580_29


In my opinion, Doogee Kissme DG580 could considered as a quite good Quad-core 3G smartphone, not only it clones of Oneplus one design, but it also owns good specs, such as Android 4.4 OS/Wake Gesture/Hotknot function, more importantly, it has a cheap price, Doogee Kissme DG580 only cost $109.99 usd on Vifocal. Certainly, DG580 also has several defects, such as no 4G LTE network/low-resolution screen and low pixel camera. If you want to buy a cheap smartphone, Doogee Kissme DG580 is a good choice.

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Doogee Kissme DG580 review from Etkchina


JIAYU G4S with 2G RAM Octa Core 4.7 Inch IPS Screen is only at USD$189.99

JIAYU G4S could be regarded as JIAYU flagship product.The specs are including 2G RAM Octa Core 4.7 Inch IPS Screen .Meanwhile,the fashion appearance is also attractive.Details are listed and read further report.

JIAYU G4S is featured with MTK6592 octa core processor locking at 1.7GHz along with 2GRAM +16ROM.Besides,the screen is 4.7 Inch Corning I Gorilla Glass with 1280 x 720 resolution and OGS.

Dual Cameras are  front camera 3.0MP and back camera 13.0MP with flashlight and auto focus.In addition,the capacity of battery is 3000mAh Battery and the OS is Andriod Android 4.2.1.More importantly,JIAYU G4S is promotion product and it only need USD$189.99.

Lenovo Sisly resembling Iphone6 leaked with all details

There is on doubt that so many Iphone 6 clones ,however,this new makes us surprised that Lenovo Sisly resembles Iphone6.Levono Sisly is confirmed by MIIT and all details are leaked.

The size is 146*71.7*6.9mm and is close to phone6’size.The 5 inch screen with 720P looks rather fashion.Meanwhile,Lenovo  Sisly is equipped with 1.2HGz quad core processor,which may be MTK processor.There are Android 4.4.4,1G RAM,16G ROM and 8MP+13MP dual cameras.

In term of all specs informations,Lenovo Sisly is designed for the entry level market.In addition,the pink color version is popular with young female customers.We don not get  the exact  time when it will be release.

ThL T6 Pro is the best budget octaphone is less than $110

THL T6s Pro

Chinese smartphone maker ThL began focusing on the mid range smartphone market recently with the ThL T6 Pro octaphone ,and now we could found this mid range of ThL T6 Pro is in stock for less than $110 according to our sponsor .

Why ThL T6 Pro is positioning a mid-range phone? In terms of its system,the ThL T6 Pro phone is powered by a 1.3GHz MTK6592M octa core processor, Compared with $110 products, ThL T6 Pro phone has a good advantage.while the operate system is also the hot Android 4.4 Kitkat,along with a common memory combination of 1GB RAM and 8G ROM .

Powerful system besides, ThL T6 Pro sports a 5 inch IPS display with  854 x 480 pixels resolution .for those who like taking photos ,it may be a little pity that there is 0.3MP(interpolation 2.0MP) front camera and 5.0MP back camera with flashlight and auto focus.

At last ,it is very worth to mention that the phone has a very slim body for only 143.9 x 71.6 x 8.2mm.

So far we have to admit that the ThL T6 Pro is the best budget phone .

The first CDMA-networks rugged phone, Runbo X1 is at USD$99.99

Runbo X1 is a rugged phone,Runbo X1 is a  reliable companion,when you enjoy outdoor activities such as off-road driving ,camping and fishing.

Runbo X1  adopts solid shockproof plastic,which can protect smartphone from accidental height drops. Moreover,Runbo X1 has a 2000 mAh build in battery,without extra battery cover protection.

The specs are listed, there is a 2.0 inch 176х220 resolution IPS display and the screen is protected by shockproof. Plastian app-triggered laser pointer and 0.3MP front camera are provided.

Runbo X1 also can play as a walkie-talkie radio and  is the first rugged phone that works in CDMA-networks.Besides, Runbo X1 owns  IP67 Water Dust Proof.

Zopo ZP999 is MT6595 phone,with 4G LTE 3G RAM Octa Core

Zopo ZP999 is the latest MT6595 phone,MT6595 octa core processor is known as MEIZU MX4 ’processor.Public could not help making comparsions between Zopo ZP999 and MEIZU MX4 .Now,we are going to provide much detais of Zopo ZP999,so you can pick up the one suits you.

Zopo ZP999 adopts 3GRAM as well as 32GB ROM instead of 2GRAM.ZOPO ZP999 is featured with  5.5 inch FDH screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels.   ZOPO ZP999 provides5MP front camera and 14.0MP back camera with flashlight and auto focus.

ZOPO ZP999 can support 4G smartphone and Dual SIM Card Dual Standby.Meanwhile, Android 4.4OS and 2700mAh Battery are adopted.The price is USD$369.99.

The first ZTE 64 bit smartphone -ZTE Q802C will be launched

Recently, 64 bit Snapdragon 401 comes into market ,which leads Chinese smartphones to open a new era.Meanwhile,ZTE is also catching up with fashion and will launch the first ZTE 64 bit smartphone -ZTE Q802C.There are specs informations.

– 5.0inch 1280*720 resolution screen
– 64 bit Snapdragon MSM8916 processor
– 5MPfront camera+8MP back camera
–2000mha battry and Andriod 4.4.4OS
–dual card dual standby

ZTE Q802C adopts circle home key ,grinding back cover and  metal frame.So ZTE Q802C looks rather fashion.

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