The latest Huawei Y serise -huawei Y518 will launch

Huawei launched the entry-level quad core product named huawei  Y618 at June.According to the feedback,huawei  Y618 obtains good sales.Recently,huawei is going tolaunch the newest entry-level quad core smartphone -huawei Y 518,more only costs RMB 459(USD75)

huawei Y 518 designs for low-end market and meets daily life need as practial tools.To some degree,there is a big gap between Huawei honor serise and Huawei Y serise.However,huawei Y518 could be regarded as the better low-end quad core smartphone.

huawei Y518 runs MT 6582 quad core processor  along with 512M RAM+4G ROM.Meanwhile,it is featured with 4.5 inch FWVGA screen and it adopts the Andriod 4.22 OS.As for the camera,it own the 5MO back camera.In addition,the capacity of battery is 1730 and it can support the daily need.There are two versions.white version and black version.Meanwhile,the size is 132*67*10.9mm and it can support dual card dual standby

The first Octa core vifocal Android phone -Vifocal A2800 owns vifocal design

Vifocal has launched some smartphones such as  V8800 and w92,which sparked  hot talks and obtained good sales.Not long ago,Vifocal released the Vifocal A2800 with vifocal its own design,to some degree,it could be considered as the  first real vifocal phone.Meanwhile, Vifocal  A2800 euipped with the flagship level specs.

Vifocal A2800 runs 1.7GHz MTK 6592 octa core processor as well as 1G RAM+8G ROM.Besides,it employs 5inch 1280*720 OGS screen with full lamination.


As for camera,it is featured with dual cameras,2.0MP and  8.0MP back camera with flashlight and auto focus.There are some details such as  Android 4.2.2 OS,2800mAh Battery,Gravity Sensor and Multi-Touch.


You can buy it by touching

Goophone G910: 5.7 inch Curved Screen Android 4.4 Kitkat Smartphone with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Boot Interface

Goophone is an infamous chinese mobile phone company which always launched many high clone phones, for the similar appearance and cheap price , it had won many users’ favor. Not long ago, Goophone had announced a new product—Goophone i6, which is high clone of iPhone 6. Recently, Goophone has also brought another special new phone—Goophone G910, it not only has a Curved screen, but its’ Boot Interface also same to Samsung Note 4. Now, let us watch a Goophone G910 video firstly:

Goophone G910 Review—Design


This time, our sponsor Vifocal has providing a Goophone G910 white version to us, at the first sight, we had been attractived by its’ curved screen design, which looks quite special. Above the screen, we do find the front camera/the caller speaker and “ Goophone” Logo. Meanwhile, below the screen, like Note 4, Goophone G910 also owns an Entity Home button and two touch keys, certainly, the touch key only visible while being lit up.

Goophone_G910_08 Goophone_G910_025

Goophone_G910_023 Goophone_G910_02

Goophone_G910_020 Goophone_G910_011

When looking from the sides of the phone, we could know that Goophone G910 adopts the metal bezel design, and it looks rather fashion. Besides, there is a power button on the right side of the phone, and a Volume key on the left side. Then, at the top/bottom side, we also find the Headphone Jack and the USB Port.

Goophone_G910_07 Goophone_G910_026

Goophone_G910_032 Goophone_G910_021

Goophone_G910_016 Goophone_G910_019

When turning the phone around, we do notice that Goophone G910 phone uses the clone leather plastic shell design, and there owns the rear camera/the flashlight and a “Goophone” Logo. In addition, after removing the shell of the phone, we could see an rectangular battery, and above the battery, there has two card slot—one Micro-SIM card slot/one SD card slot. Meanwhile, below the battery, it’s still own a media speaker.

Goophone_G910_024 Goophone_G910_06

Goophone G910 Review—Display


Like Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Goophone G910 is also decorating a 5.7 inch curved screen, and the resolution is 1280*720 HD pixel, so the display quality is good, meanwhile, the touch panel also runs well without any press.

Goophone_G910_010 Goophone_G910_013

Goophone_G910_027 Goophone_G910_036

Goophone_G910_033 Goophone_G910_037

Goophone G910 Review–Performance

This time, Goophone G910 still adopts MTK program, and it runs 1.7GHz MTK6592 Octa-core processor, which owns a good performance; meanwhile, it’s also providing 1G RAM/8G ROM, and supports TF card up to 64G extended.


In order to know the performance of Goophone G910, we also made an Antutu Score Benchmark for G910 phone, and it had reached 25005 points, which is better than most smartphones. Besides, it also could support large app and most mobile games.

Goophone_G910_015 Goophone_G910_014

Goophone_G910_018 Goophone_G910_012

Goophone G910 Review–Highlights/Battery/Camera

Goophone_G910_030 Goophone_G910_034

1. Android 4.4 Kitkat OS

Android 4.4 Kitkat is the latest Android OS, and more and more smartphones had adopted this OS, certainly, Goophone G910 is no exception, it also runs Android 4.4 Kitkat.


2. GPS Function Testing

Nowadays, GPS function is more and more useful in our daily life, so we also experience the GPS function of Goophone G910 phone, and it could searched 16 satellites in a few seconds, and its’ GPS function runs well.


3. NFC Function

Owing to the NFC Function, it makes our daily more easier, this time, Goophone G910 phone also has this function, and we could do data exchange when Goophone G910 phone touches other devices.


4. Battery

This time, Goophone G910 phone offered a 2800mAh battery, however, owing to its’ large screen and Octa-core program, the battery looks not enough, so you could consider to prepare one or more batteries.

Goophone_G910_03 Goophone_G910_01

5. Camera Function

It’s pity that the camera function of Goophone G910 phone isn’t quite good, and it only equipped with 2.0MP+8.0MP dual camera with flashlight and auto focus. During our testing, we also take some photos by Goophone G910 phone, and the photos looks well.

Goophone_G910_041 Goophone_G910_040

Goophone_G910_038 Goophone_G910_039


Certainly, compared with Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the specs of Goophone G910 isn’t good, it has no 1080P screen, and its’ battery capacity/camera pixel are a bit low, third, it couldn’t support 4G LTE network. However, it owns the special screen design, and runs the latest Android 4.4 OS, more importantly, compare with Galaxy Note 4, Goophone G910 is only cost $189.99 usd on Vifocal. Overall, Goophone G910 is considered as a quite good smartphone.

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Goophone G910 test by Etkchina

5.5 inch Quad-core Android 4.4 KitKat OS With Finger Scanner Function,Vifocal C1000 in stock

Vifocal is famous China smartphone brand and is popular in the domestic and foreign markets.Meanwhile,Vifocal launched so many representive smartphones ,we catch this chance to introduct Vifocal C1000 ,which could be regarded as the hot sale on VIFOCAL.

Vifocal C1000 runs 1.3GHz  MTK6582 quad core processor  along with 1G RAM+8 GROM.Besides,it adopts the latest Android 4.4  KitKat OS . C1000 is featured with 5.5 inch 960 x 540 pixels QHD screen and 5MP+8MP dual cameras.As for battery,the large capacity is 3200mhz and can meet the daily use.

More importantly,Finger Scanner Function make  C1000 excellent among the Vifocal smartphones.Besides,it only costs USD126.99,it is a good choice within  this range price.


Bluboo X4 Review: The Cheapest 4G LTE Quad-core Smartphone with Android 4.4 Kitkat/4.5 inch Screen

Nowadays, more and more 4G LTE smartphones had flooded into the market, and it has became into a new tendency in mobile phone development. Certainly, Bluboo phone will not miss this opportunity, and it also joined the 4G wave. Recently, Bluboo phone had announced its’ first 4G LTE phone–Bluboo X4, it owns the mainstream Quad-core specs and a cheap price; meanwhile, X4 is also the leading role of this testing. Now, let us have a review of Bluboo X4 phone:

Bluboo X4 Review–Unboxing



1 x Bluboo X4 Phone

1 x Battery

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Charger

Bluboo X4 Review–Design


This time, our sponsor Vifocal has offered a Bluboo X4 black version to us, compared with the former tested smartphones, Bluboo X4 looks rather small, for it only providing a 4.5 inch screen. Above the screen, we could find the front camera and the caller speaker. Meanwhile, below the screen, there has three touch buttons–Home/Menu and Back, however, it’s pity that it has no back light.

Bluboo_X4_010 Bluboo_X4_014

It’s worth mentioning the bezel design of Bluboo X4 phone, the bezels are split in the middle by a black line, which looks fashion. In addition, in the left side of the phone, we do notice a power button and a Volume key, meanwhile, at the top of the phone, we also find a USB Port and the Headphone Jack.

Bluboo_X4_09 Bluboo_X4_016

Bluboo_X4_06 Bluboo_X4_05

While turning the phone around, we do find Bluboo X4 adopts the white plastic shell design, and it looks rather good. In the shell of the phone, there owns the rear camera and the flashlight. Besides, at the bottom of the shell, we also notice the “Bluboo” Logo and the words “ 4G beyond your life!”, which means Bluboo X4 could support 4G LTE network.

Bluboo_X4_07 Bluboo_X4_08

After removing the back cover, at first glance, we could see a blue small battery, and above the battery, there are two card slots—one SIM card slot/one Micro-SD card slot, so it means that Bluboo X4 only supports Single card Single standby.

Bluboo_X4_03  Bluboo_X4_02

Bluboo X4 Review—Display

For most large screen fans, Bluboo X4 may let them down, for Bluboo X4 is featuring a 4.5 inch IPS Screen, and its’ resolution is 854*480 pixel, however, the display quality of Bluboo X4 looks good, and the touch panel also runs well.

Bluboo_X4_017 Bluboo_X4_015

Bluboo_X4_013 Bluboo_X4_012


Bluboo X4 Review—Performance

It’s pity that Bluboo X4 only runs 1.3GHz MTK6582M+6290 Quad-core processor, not MTK Octa-core program. But, it’s surprised that Bluboo X4 could support 4G LTE network, and it’s also providing 512M RAM/4G ROM.


During the testing, in order to know the performance of Bluboo X4 phone, we had made an Antutu Score Benchmark for this phone, and it had reached 17755 points, which is better than Redmi phone. Otherwise, Bluboo X4 could support large apps and most mobile games.

Bluboo_X4_021 Bluboo_X4_022

Bluboo_X4_023 Bluboo_X4_024

Bluboo_X4_025 Bluboo_X4_030

Bluboo X4 Review—Highlights/Battery/Camera


  1. 4G LTE Network

Bluboo X4 is the first 4G LTE Bluboo smartphone, and it could support TDD/FDD-LTE netwok, meanwhile, it’s also compatible with WCDMA 3G/GSM network.

  1. Android 4.4 Kitkat

Except 4G LTE Network, Android 4.4 Kitkat is another highlight of Bluboo X4 phone, and compared with former Android OS, Android 4.4 Kitkat had added several new features.


  1. GPS Function Testing

During our testing, we had also experienced the performance of its’ GPS Function, through the GPS Testing Plus, we could searched12 Satellites by Bluboo X4 phone, and 8 Satellites could in use.

Bluboo_X4_028 Bluboo_X4_029

  1. Battery

This time, Bluboo X4 phone has providing a 2100mAh battery, owing to its’ Low-resolution screen and Low-power processor, Bluboo X4 could support about 2~3 days standby time. Certainly, the battery of Bluboo X4 also could be changed, and you could perpare one or more batteries.


  1. Camera Function

As for the camera function, the camera specs of Bluboo X4 isn’t good, it had equipped with 2.0MP front+5.0MP rear dual camera with flashlight and auto focus, meanwhile, it’s also support face beauty、smile shot and other modes. Certainly, we also take some photos by Bluboo X4 phone, and the photos look good.

Bluboo_X4_031 Bluboo_X4_032

Bluboo_X4_033 Bluboo_X4_034


For many users who like high-specs smartphone, Bluboo X4 may not their style, for it hadn’t equipped with high-resolution large screen, no MTK Octa-core program, and large capacity battery. However, Bluboo X4 could support 4G LTE network, and run the lastest Android 4.4 Kitkat OS, more importantly, Bluboo X4 4G phone has a cheap price, and it only cost $129.99 usd on Vifocal.

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Bluboo X4 review by Etkchina

The lightest 5.0 inch smartphone lenovo S858T will launch at September

At September,lenovo will release S858T,which designed for the female customers.S858T as well as VIBE Z2/X2 will play a vital role of obtaining good sales.

lenovo S858T 2

Compared with S850 ,the appearance design has so obvious difference.At first,LOGO wth flashing  different colors  is so attractive for female customers.More importantly, S850 only weights 99g,which could be regarded as the lightest 5.0 inch smartphone.Besides,the thickness is 6mm and the thickness is breaking  the record of lenovo smartphones.In addition,the back cover adopts glass design.

lenovo S858T 1
lenovo S858T runs 1.4 GHz MT6592 octa core processor along with 1G RAM.Meanwhile,it provides 5 inch 702P screen .8MP  camera and Andriod 4.42OS.It is a pity that S858T is not a 4G smartphone.

The advanced clone of Samsung galaxy s5-NO.1 S7T in stock, Real Finger Scanner ,Octa-Core Android 4.4 OS 5.1 Inch Screen

There are so many clones of Samsung galaxy s5,among the clones,NO.1 S7T performs so good and obtains  good sales.Especially,the Real Finger Scanner attracts to the attentions.Now let us have a view of this smartphone.


NO.1 S7T runs 1.7GHz MTK6592 octa core processor  along with 1G RAM+8G ROM.Besides,it provides 5.0MP front camera and  130MP back camera with flashlight ,auto focus as well as full screen capturing.Meanwhile,NO.1 S7T is featured with5.1 inch  1280*820 resolution capacitive touch screen,with  OGS full lamination.Besides,the capacity of battery is 2800mha and can support three days standby,in addition,the OS is Android 4.4 OS.


As for the Finger Scanner ,NO.1 S7T equipped with Finger Scanne,which could be regarded as one of the most innovative part.In other word,you can use the smartphone and protect your privacy by  controlling fingerprint.,NO.1 S7T in stock on VIFOCAL,please touch here to buy

$149.99 low price Cubot S222 features MTK6582 chipset

As one of  a China phone maker,Cubot has launched a series of new products ,such as dual care ,quad core ,octa core android phone to hit the overseas phone market,Cubot S222 ,is one of quad core flagship product,now it offers the lowest price of $149.99.

Cubot S222 2
Cubot S222 phone continues Cubot classic , simple and fashion design, the body  measure size is  136 x 68 x 8.6mm and  weighs 171g, so whether  male or female customers,both of them can handle this phone easier.

The specification for the .Cubot S222 phone is also mid range,it is powered by a mtk6582 quad core processor,and features a 5.5 inch huge IPS screen with a 720*1280 pixels resolution,coupled with a 1g ram and 16 g rom to run ,it is worth to mention that the back camera is so stellar 13..MP .

At this cheap price,the Cubot S222 phone can not support OTG and NFC function ,it is still a little pity.but the device is a dual SIM card phone to support two bands such as 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz  and 3G: WCDMA 850/2100.

Buy the other cheap Cubot Ones quad core phone :

More photos as follows;


Cubot S222 3  Cubot S222 4


Good New!ZOPO ZP590 only costs$96.99,Android 4.4 MTK6582 ,4.5 Inch QHD Screen

ZOPO ZP590 could be regared as the entry-level smartphone,however, ZP590 is featured with the excellent specs and the price is also afforable.Meanwhile,ZP590 belongs to the hot sale product and is popular in the domestic and foreign markets.Next,we start to have a view of ZP590.

ZP590 3

ZP590 adopts MTK 6582 quad core processor and owns Andiord 4.4 is featured with 4.5 inch 960*540 resolution QHD srceen with lamination technology .Moreover,ZP590 provides 512MBRAM+4G ROM and supports TF card up to 64GB extended.Meanwhile it is equipped with dual Cameras, 2.0MP front camera and 5MP back camera with flashlight and auto focus.

ZP590 2

When refering to the the appearance design,ZP590 belongs to the classic serise.For example,white combines with  black,which is a good match.The whole design leaks simple attitudes towards life.

ZP590 4

Umi C1 Review: “2014 Quad-core Killer” Android 4.4 Kitkat 3G Smartphone with 5.5 inch HD Screen/Baby Soft Back Cover Design

In the beginning of 2014, Umi phone had announced its’ latest flagship smartphone–Umi X3, which had aroused most people’s purchasing desire, for it owns the excellent design and top specs. However, after that, Umi phone was silent for some time. Not long ago, Umi also brought a new product–Umi C1, which be called “2014 Quad-core Killer”, and it’s also the leading role of this testing. Now, let us have a view of Umi C1 phone:

Umi C1 Review–Unboxing


1 x Umi C1 phone

1 x USB Cable

1 x Charger

Umi C1 Review–Appearance


This time, our sponsor Vifocal has offered a Umi C1 white version to us, and the phone looks quite beautiful. In the front of the phone is a 5.5 inch large screen, and above the screen, there has the front camera and the caller speaker. Meanwhile, below the screen are three touch buttons—Home/Menu/Back, and it only be visble while being lit up.

Umi_C1_019 Umi_C1_020

Umi_C1_033 Umi_C1_024

When looking sides of the phone, we do find a Volume button on the right side, and a power key on the left side. Besides, at the top side of the phone, there also has the USB Port and the Headphone Jack.

Umi_C1_030 Umi_C1_029

Umi_C1_031 Umi_C1_032

After turning the phone around, we do notice that Umi C1 had adopted the baby soft back cover design, which boasting a soft “ baby skin” feel and fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating. In the rear of the phone, we also find the rear camera and the flashlight. Besides, there has the “ Umi” Logo on the back cover.

Umi_C1_021 Umi_C1_027

In addition, while removing the back cover of Umi C1 phone, we could see a blue battery, which could be changed. Then, above the battery, there are three card slots—two SIM card slots/one TF card slot, which means Umi C1 could support dual card dual standby. Certainly, below the battery, we also find the media speaker.

Umi C1 Review—Display


Like Umi X3 phone, Umi C1 still providing a 5.5 inch IPS screen, however, its’ screen resolution is lower than X3, Umi C1 only owns 1280*720 pixels HD. Certainly, the display quality is also good, and the touch panel runs well without the pressure.

Umi_C1_025 Umi_C1_04

Umi_C1_02 Umi_C1_08

Umi_C1_07 Umi_C1_010

Umi C1 Review—Performance

Umi_C1_01 Umi_C1_09

Compared with Umi X3, the specs of Umi C1 isn’t good. Umi C1 runs 1.3GHz MTK6582 Quad-core processor along with 1G RAM/16G ROM, which could extended to 32GB. During our testing, we also made an Antutu Score Benchmark for Umi C1 phone, and it had reached 17252 points, so, Umi C1 could meet our daily use.

Umi_C1_036 Umi_C1_011

Umi_C1_013 Umi_C1_017

Umi_C1_015 Umi_C1_016

Umi C1 Review—Features/Battery/Camera


  1. Android 4.4 Kitkat

Like most other new smartphones, Umi C1 also adopts the Android Operation System, and it runs Android 4.4 Kitkat OS, which owns more features.


  1. GPS Function Testing

During the testing, we had tested the GPS function of Umi C1 phone, through the GPS Testing Plus app, we could searched 13 satellites in few seconds, and 4 satellites could be used.

Umi_C1_012 Umi_C1_014

  1. Battery

This time, Umi C1 phone had offered a 2430mAh battery, owing to the Low-power processor and 720P screen, Umi C1 could support about 2~3 days standby time. Certainly, if you worry about the battery capacity of Umi C1, you could consider to buy a backup battery.

Umi_C1_023 Umi_C1_028

  1. Camera Function

In addition, the camera function of Umi C1 is also good, it has equipped with 3.2MP front+13.0MP rear dual camera with flashlight and auto focus. Meanwhile, it supports panorama、face beauty、smile shot and other modes. During our testing, we had taken some photos by Umi C1 phone, and the photos look good.

Umi_C1_034 Umi_C1_035

Umi_C1_037 Umi_C1_038


As the lastest Umi smartphone, Umi C1 had been called “ 2014 Quad-core Killer”, it owns the mainstream Quad-core specs and good design, more importantly, it’s the first Umi phone which adopts Android 4.4 Kitkat. Certainly, Umi C1 also had some shortcomings, such as its’ battery capacity is a bit lower, and it couldn’t support 4G LTE network, besides, it has no NFC function. Now, Umi C1 phone will cost $148.99 usd on Aliexpress, and only $139.99 usd on Vifocal.

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Edit by Etkchina of Umi C1

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