$159 Newman K1 may recently unveiled

The latest Newman cheap unlocked cell phones product roadmap has been published, New N3 and Newman K1 is about to expose the true photos, some time ago, officials have announced the price of K1 will be in the $159 ,different with the N1,K1 not only has the affordable price , and it will be powered by a quad-core processor, which attached to the quad-core K Series. Official who has been exposed K1 in the microblogging shows that Newman K1 engineering machine ‘s commissioning is completed, the body may debut in the near future ,who will PK  many $159 of quad-core models

纽曼K1 1

Newman phone level of confidentiality of the official of the K1 is greater than the new machine N3, until now only know the opportunity is equipped with a quad-core processor, Model is ominous. However speculated that the maximum possible is MTK6589 qual core ,as for screen , shown by the official voting information , more than half of the users believe that the 5-inch HD screen is more in line with their own needs, but it just is a possible. after all, the engineering machine has been the molding,however, taking into account the current five inches HD is the most mainstream configuration, Newman K1 will adopt its specifications possibility is still very large. In Addition, look through Newman phone the official picture of K1, the opportunity to use the black-and-white color, the overall design are generous and fashion sense ,  the middle box most of the design has the unique flavor.

纽曼K1 2

April ,There  may be a variety of cost- performance Quad core android phone will be listed, Newman K1 most likely will debut at this time, according to the sources of information, the K1 will has two versions of mobile and China Unicom , listing of most of the models support WCDMA network, and the competitiveness will be further enhanced .if Newman K1 first is TD version, but not yet official specific information revealed only look forward to the follow-up message.

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