SAMSUNG galaxy S4 gt-i9500 clone phone ,Star S4 is so hot

SAMSUNG broke the news to the outside world in the earlier secret development of the SAMSUNG new phone has been released on this month, and will debut release of several new machines, in addition to already know SAMSUNG galaxy series, another Code of galaxy S4 gt-i9500 new machine worthy of our attention,but it is so expensive. Now the I will introduce a Star S4 for you,which is same with SAMSUNG galaxy S4 gt-i9500,now the renderings as well as part of the hardware configuration information has been released, this phone interested friends may wish to take a look at. 0 Was concerned about the SAMSUNG phone users should look out, Star S4 andriod’s the the appearance and SAMSUNG galaxy S4 gt-i9500 is quite similar, are oval-like shape, might be called the cobblestone shape, the whole look round. Hardware official information revealed more limited, can only be learned Star S4 be powered by a MTK6589 quad-core processor, with ROM 8GB +RAM 1GB to run, screen size is equivalent to a size of 5 inches IPS wide viewing angle technology, resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, and It also has  12.0MP main camera. 00 Fast hardware is that Star S4 phone integrated NFC, OTG, MHL and OTA may also built-in gyroscope, compass sensor. NFC that is, we often say that near-field communication function (Near Field Communication), two NFC-enabled phones can short-range point-to-point data transmission, also can be used as POS machines, when the card to brush (mobile payment), and recently many the domestic flagship phones equipped with NFC technology; OTG data conversion cable to connect other USB devices for data transmission also enables the handset to spend the keyboard and mouse and other peripherals; HDMI MHL high-definition output can be seen as upgrade screen on the phone can be transferred to other display devices shared with other people, a lot of phones support wireless upgrade OTA. Although known MTK6589 phone are hundreds of models, but focused on the NFC / OTG / MHL-in-one model does not seem to appear, if you broke the news is true, then the  Star S4 phone also created a first, especially NFC function, there has never been in the previous models.


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